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Imagine a world where children are abused, neglected and live without the basic necessities of everyday life. Many times these children are struggling to survive, denied education and are forced to enter a world of abuse at a very early age.



Husband and wife team, Urooj Waheed and Sobia Ali, have always been passionate about serving orphaned and underprivileged children. So much so, in fact, that their passion for helping children in need blossomed into a life-long mission, one which has been brought to life through the founding and creation of the Zaina Foundation. 

The organization’s mission began with the adoption of Urooj and Sobia's third child, Maryum. Their adoption process, and the realization of what orphaned children face everyday when left to fend for themselves, sparked an interest in serving more young children throughout the world. They sought to provide children with a safe and loving home as they for their own own children. Thus, the Zaina Foundation was born.

“Parents always want to leave a legacy for their children. A lot of times that legacy includes money and things of monetary value. We wanted to leave a legacy of hope, philanthropy and love,” says Sobia Ali. And that’s exactly what they are doing.

Based in McKinney, Texas, with operations on the ground working at a grassroots level in India, Waheed and Ali founded the Zaina Foundation as a non-profit, 501 (C) 3 organization. In 2013, the Foundation opened the doors of its first fully-functional orphanage in Hyderabad, India.

Named after their eldest daughter, the Foundation’s orphanage - aptly titled Zaina’s Home - currently provides shelter, clothing, food, education and healthcare to several young girls, ages six to eight. They named the foundation and first home for girls after their oldest daughter, Zaina.

“The plan is to continue to grow to serve more children. We don’t want stop by simply offering a home with love and safety, further, we want to help the underserved individuals build a foundation for success after they leave our home and start their own. Only doing this can help stop the cycle of poverty.” -Urooj Waheed

The Zaina Foundation was created in mind with the goal of improving the quality of life of, and access to opportunities for children in need in India. Through our efforts and initiatives, we continue our work both in the USA and India to provide children with more than just the basic necessities; we seek to offer educational opportunities and healthcare to allow these children to truly flourish.

Operating under the firm belief that each child we serve will grow to make a true difference in the world, the Zaina Foundation prides itself on its mission to provide children with the support and love they need to flourish and grow into happy, contributing members of their society. Our aim is to create a better tomorrow for these children; one free of poverty, neglect, and abuse.

As part of our mission to assist children in need, the Zaina Foundation will expand its initiatives to help accommodate more than 1,000 children in the immediate future.

OUr Mission

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Zaina’s Home


In May 2013, the Zaina Foundation opened its doors to children in need with the organization’s first orphanage, Zaina’s Home, located in Hyderabad, India. Today, the Foundation continues to work towards its goal of creating and expanding upon multiple orphanages for the children in our care.

Zaina's Home team attempts to work directly within the communities we serve in India to create awareness about the neglect of children and more importantly direct children in need towards the home. When working with young children, we identify at-risk individuals in need of support or aid and welcome them into our orphanage home. Our team considers each child in our care as our own, providing a safe, warm, and nurturing environment wherein children are given the guidance and help they need to flourish.

To date, Zaina’s Home has provided girls (ages six through eight) with a safe and loving home, as well as important necessities such as food, clothing and a caring family and circle of their own. Our children are enrolled in a local private school to ensure the highest standard of educational opportunities are made available to these precious girls. Integrated into each educational component is a fun, lighthearted approach, through which we seek to provide positive memories and interactions, just as we would with our own children.