Part of the Zaina Foundation’s mandate is to continuously improve the lives of children in need by expanding upon the services we are able to offer them through our various efforts and initiatives. Our immediate goal is build an operational facility to house 500 boys and 500 girls.

As a key aspect of our daily operations, we continue our work to help young children in need and seek to open additional facilities in Hyderabad in the immediate future. These facilities include shelter (additional homes for children), educational facilities, and healthcare, all of which will be open to children in need, with a focus on young, at-risk women.

To achieve our goals of expansion, we work closely and collaboratively with our network of generous patrons and friends, whose contributions and efforts help make our great strides possible.

To contribute to the Zaina Foundation and play a key role in helping us build a brighter future for young children in Hyderabad, please consider donating to our organization and spreading awareness with your own networks.